Submitting VMs

Hello Possible VulnHub Contributor!

Thank you for showing interest with submitting your virtual machine (VM) for download on VulnHub.

We believe it's important you are happy with how VulnHub handles your VMs so the below sets out the basis on which you submit your VMs to us and what we do with them.

We will make your VMs available for download for free from VulnHub. To make them accessible to an even wider community, we may also make your VMs available in a hosted lab environment. We may do this with a partner and, if we do, we will share your VMs with that partner and everything stated here will apply to them too.

It goes without saying that, once downloaded from VulnHub, we can't actually control what end users do with your VMs.

We also believe in giving credit where it's due. As you have created your VMs, we like to include an author name (either your real name or a handle - unless you ask us not to), as well as any contact links/methods (email addresses and/or social networks) as well as a link to your personal site (if you have one!).

While we like VulnHub having exclusive access/being the only place where people can find your VMs, we understand that they are provided by you on a non-exclusive basis (meaning you are free to provide them to others too and do what you wish with them).

If you decide you do not want your VMs available on any platform for free, we fully understand and accept that you can request us to remove them from VulnHub and any hosted lab environment. Otherwise, to provide archive history, we can keep your VMs mirrored on VulnHub and available in any hosted lab, for as long as that seems sensible to our community.

We assume you are allowed to submit your VMs to VulnHub without any 3rd party permission. If that's not the case, please do not submit them. When you submit your VMs to VulnHub you are giving everybody who accesses them a permanent, global and free right to use, copy, amend and share your VMs without restriction. Do not post submit your VMs to VulnHub if you do not want to grant these rights.

Everything stated here will also apply if you submit something new or updated VMs to VulnHub.

Warm regards,
VulnHub Team

...If you agree with everything above, to continue, please contact us here.