SP: ike (v1.0.1)

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Please remember that VulnHub is a free community resource so we are unable to check the machines that are provided to us. Before you download, please read our FAQs sections dealing with the dangers of running unknown VMs and our suggestions for “protecting yourself and your network. If you understand the risks, please download!


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Ike is a servant of something which also starts with "I" and has only three letters.

Flags - /root/flag.txt - /home/ike/flag.txt

Tested with VirtualBox

DHCP enabled

Difficulty: Intermediate

Should not be as easy as to just run a MSF module to get root right away, if so please let me know.

Doesn't always get an IP address nicely with DHCP. ## Changelog - v1.0.1 - 2019-02-02 - v1 - 2018-12-09

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Virtual Machine

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